From a Fellow Survivor

Welcome to  This site is a labor of love and service to you.  If you have found your way here, I assume you or a dear one has “chemobrain.”  

It is real.  For most, the characteristics of chemobrain will subside one and two years past chemotherapy.  However for a subgroup, chemobrain does not go away.  Believe me, I know.  I am three years out from my last chemotherapy treatment and there are no signs of this subsiding.  

As a long time academic, researcher and writer, I want to make sure you do not have to spend thousands of hours gathering and sifting through esoteric medical abstracts and health news releases the way I had to so I could educate myself and my medical team.  This has been a long hard road with many uncertainties.  The good news is this subject is becoming much more discussed.  There have been four international teleconferences on the subject this year.  Some articles are even starting to address strategies to help us minimize how tough a lot of our daily activities are.  My goal is to aggregate chemobrain information so you can have easy access on this web site.

Please peruse the web site as time and energy allows.  If you are inclined, please write about your personal journey with chemobrain.  We need to start putting the individual human toll on this situation.  Plus we need to offer each other community and support while we struggle with this.  With our respective stories we won’t feel so alone.  Here we have compassion for each other and the cognitive difficulties we now have. Trust me, I have learned that any other response than warmth and understanding for ourselves makes the chemobrain tougher.

Rest assured that your privacy will be protected.  As a twenty-five year long veteran of information access and individual privacy, your names, email addresses and information you may provide will not be shared. 

Take courage.  Yes, I recognize the adjustment is very hard for many of us.  You are not alone.

Be well.